While all the flashy photos and nice promises throughout this site are nice, we understand that the proof is in the testimonials. Thats why we have them here, so read what actual clients have said about our work and their experiences with us.

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My family and I needed to build an addition onto our home in order to allow my father to come and live with us. The job was going to require a large amount of demolition to the heart of our home in order to add on the Casita. We were concerned with how this would look, and if the newly constructed portion would have”addition” written all over it. Our worry stretched beyond aesthetics and into both financial and emotional concerns. However, the challenges of adding on we’re far greater and we could see.

Wes McDougal and Stonewood homes guided us through all of the challenges, both foreseen and unforeseen, with professionalism, foresight, and gratitude inspiring diligence. He was able to keep under budget, deal with our occasional neurotic behavior, provide peace of mind, and handle the city inspectors and red tape quickly, confidently, and tactfully. The finished product was beautiful and completely blended into our exacting home well enough to cause people to ask where the addition was. Most friends did not believe that the casita wasn’t an addition at all.

This alone would be enough to use the Stonewood homes on any future project. However, what impressed our family the most about the whole experience came to hear it after construction had ended. The city had neglected to file the certificate of occupancy. Which meant that when we went to refinance, it appeared as if we had an illegal addition and would not be able to proceed and get the rate we had locked. We were on a major deadline and I left a message with West asking for his advice. Three hours later he had solved it all while I was at work.

Wes not only handles the stress of any build project, he removes it through and integrity and diligent it is where the day. Don’t let homes with a perfect fit her needs, or Hannity, and. My family would recommend Stonewood homes for any project you may have.

With Gratitude, Morgan and Tiffany McDuffie